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In the beginning of 1992, IMPALEMENT is formed from the ashes of SEPULCHRAL NOISE (1989), were Alfredo Vasquez and Manuel Atencio (Brutality zine’s editors) comes from, later Gustavo join’s.

In September of 1994, Aaron comes to front the vocals and finally IMPALEMENT had a stable line-up. This line-up make songs like “Bloody Death”, “Desecrate”, “Corpse” and “Ceremonial Torment” playing gigs with bands like LAMENT CHRIST, ESTIGMA and others.

In September, Gustavo leaves the band to give more time to his band; in November of 1996 Manuel Atencio starts to manage the band and leaves the drums in hands of Julio (session drummer), therefore Jouvet join the band in bass-guitar in June of 1997 and this becomes IMPALEMENT current line-up.


The band style is Dark Death Metal; bands like HELL HAMMER, MESSIAH, BATHORY, IMPALED NAZARENE, NIHILIST, GRAVE and SARCOFAGO influence the music, the lyrics are inspired in the Occult and Dark side of mankind.

Currently the band has released a Demo tape containing 5 themes of the most intense, purest and brutal Dark Death Metal.

Fuente: Biografía oficial de la banda.
Autor: Manuel Atencio B.