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SARCASM: When was formed?
Toño: SEPELIO was formed in late 1989 with the intention of to do Thrash Death. Our themes try to express death, destruction that is in the world. We’ve 6 tracks (demotape) are the next: “Infierno”, “Demencia” (instrumental), “No lo dejes morir”, “Muertos vivientes”, “Exhumación” y “Poder satánico”.

SARCASM: The actual line up?
Toño: Martin Davis (guitars/voice), Raul Santos (guitar), Toño Yañez (bass) and Eduardo Horna (drums).

SARCASM: What does SEPELIO mean?
Toño: Well the meaning is a expression cold or dead ‘coz we saw very original, for this reason we put to the death.


SARCASM: Your opinion about fascist?
Toño: We think are people that for the way of the music give to know their fanatism.

SARCASM: Anytime do you ask yourself why don’t make love with a gay?
Toño: Well the people that do love with a gay is a stupid ‘coz put you to think how a man can do love with other man.

SARCASM: Any last comment?
Toño: Thanks for the interview and we think that not be the last.

Fuente: SARCASM ZINE – ISSUE ? – 19??.
Editor: Jesús Espinoza.







(Demotape 1 - Peru)